Formación a Medida - Negotiation in English

This course will focus on the english communication skills needed for discussion, clarification of goals and Negotiate towards a win-win outcome

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Negotiations are a key aspect of (business) life. 80% of International/multi-lateral negotiations are conducted in English. This course will touch upon language, expressions and strategies for successful negotiations.

Different communication techniques will enhance smooth negotiations: clarification, reflection & active listening.

The process of negotiation includes the following stages:

1   Preparation

2   Discussion

3   Clarification of goals

4   Negotiate towards a Win-Win outcome

5   Agreement

6   Implementation of a course of action


This course will focus on the English communication skills needed for stage 2, 3 and 4. Key skills during these 3 stage include questioning, listening and clarifying.  By Active listening one party focuses fully on the speaking party while showing actively verbal and non-verbal signs of listening. Clarifying involves asking questions or occasionally summarizing what the speaker has said, which is key in the clarification of mutual goals. Reflecting, as an extension of good listening skills, allows to develop the ability to reflect words and feelings and to clarify that you have understood them correctly. 


These 3 skills will lead to smoother negotiations. 

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