Formación a Medida - Organizing & Coordinating Meetings

This course prepares you to take decisions during international meetings

Estos programas pueden adaptarse en contenidos y horarios de acuerdo a sus necesidades. Consúltenos una solución formativa a medida en:

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This course prepares you to properly organize, arrange, coordinate, participate satisfactorily in, and take decisions during international meetings.  Moreover, some particularities for on-site meetings, on one hand, and virtual meetings and videoteleconferences, on the other hand, will be shared.

Some time will be dedicated as well on summarizing (the outcome) of meetings and producing notes and findings.

Session topics include:

  • Arrange a meeting though email and by telephone
  • List expectations and protocols related to on-site meetings and teleconferences
  • Presenting data, sales figures, etc. accurately
  • Project teams, internal meetings  versus client meetings

Special application – virtual meetings:

  • How to get your message accross
  • How you instill trust and how you motivate
  • Persuading over a phone/video
  • Body language

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