Formación a Medida - Habilidades en Inglés

Business Skills para comunicar, coordinar, negociar y liderar eficazmente en mercados globales y complejos

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  • Course 1: Communication & Establishing Relationships in English


Before establishing business relations, one has to socialize and network first

in English. This module will explain how to establish solid business contacts

in person, on the phone and over email. To this effect, a few basic principles

of English Communication will be touched upon (and especially what is said

or done differently in Latin Cultures).



  • Course 2: Strategic & Effective Writing


Just like in any other language, false friends, misused words, inaccuracies,

and complex writing can undermine a recent established business relationship.

We will study a few written, formal methods more in-depth to achieve a more

persuasive and compelling writing and continuoulsly keep in mind the 3 Cs:

courtesy, clarity and conciseness.



  • Course 3: Presentation Skills


Presentations skills and public speaking skills are key in many aspects of work

and life and often go hand in hand with fear and stress. However, feeling

Comfortable, Confident and Capable of speaking to an audience is often synonym

for being successful in business.



  • Course 4: Organizing & Coordinating Meetings


This course prepares you to properly organize, arrange, coordinate, participate

satisfactorily in, and take decisions during international meetings. Moreover,

some particularities for on-site meetings, on one hand, and virtual meetings

and videoteleconferences, on the other hand, will be shared.

Some time will be dedicated as well on summarizing (the outcome) of meetings

and producing notes and findings.



  • Course 5: Negotiation in English


Negotiations are a key aspect of (business) life. 80% of International/multi-lateral

negotiations are conducted in english. This course will touch upon language,

expressions and strategies for successful negotiations.

Different communication techniques will enhance smooth negotiations:

clarification, reflection & active listening.

The process of negotiation includes the following stages:



 Clarification of goals

 Negotiate towards a win-win outcome


 Implementation of a course of action



  • Course 6: Cross-Cultural Communication Skills


By improving cultural awareness and developing intercultural competence,

business communication –within international teams and with international

clients– will be smoother.

Several soft skills play a pivotal role in fostering multicultural teams



 Emotional intelligence



 Reducing conflict


English will in most cases be the lingua franca and working in intercultural teams

often requires a more sophisticated communicative competence.

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