Formación a Medida - Budget & Financial Management

Understand and Communicate Financial Information

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1. Strategic Focus and Drivers

a. Identifying and examining strategy

b. Business trends

c. Mergers and acquisitions

d. Aggressive asset management

e. Outsourcing

f. Legislative and regulatory scrutiny

g. Balanced scorecard

2. Managing Stakeholder Expectations

a. Identify and analyze stakeholders

b. Getting buy-in

3. The Basics of Finance

a. Financial basics

b. Accounting

c. Costs, profits and profitability

d. Financial statements

e. Balance sheets

f. Income statements

g. Cash flow statements

4. Budgeting Skills

a. Budgeting basics

b. Budget cycles

c. Budgeting processes: planning, approving, managing and reporting

d. Budget elements

e. Gather and categorize

f. Prioritize

g. Develop initial estimates

h. Compile and total estimates

i. Perform tradeoffs

j. Finalize initial budget for approval

5. Presenting a Budget for Approval

a. Communicating budgets to decision makers

b. Negotiating for resources

6. Managing and Reporting Budget and Financial Results

a. Monitoring performance

b. Variances

c. Earned value technique

d. Taking corrective action

e. Budget reporting

f. Closing out budgets

g. Revenue recognition

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