Formación a Medida - Coaching And Mentoring for Improved Performance

Improve the current performance of others and your own

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Improve the current performance of others and your own

1. Why Coach?

a. Benefits of coaching

b. Impact of coaching

c. ESI Mindset Model

d. Coaching Statement of Purpose

e. Coaching and mentoring

2. Coaching and Mentoring Model

a. Determining the appropriate style

b. Coaching styles

c. Direct

d. Advise

e. Entrust

f. Coaching actions

g. Delegate

h. Guide

i. Evaluate

3. Preparing to Coach

a. Assessing personal coaching style

b. Assessing learning styles

c. Setting expectations

d. Creating a plan

4. Coaching

a. Aligning coaching style with performance level

b. Delegating tasks

c. Guiding performance

d. Evaluating performance

e. Providing feedback

f. Handling performance problems effectively

5. Job and Career Coaching

a. What's the difference?

b. Job proficiency and job mastery

c. Techniques to manage performance



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