Formación a Medida - Advanced Negotiation

Negotiation Skills

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1. Negotiation Fundamentals

a. Defining key negotiation terms

b. Developing a strong best alternative to negotiated agreement (BATNA)

c. Competitive and collaborative approaches to negotiation

d. Competitive styles

e. Hard

f. Soft

g. Analytic

h. Dynamic and static issues

2. Negotiation in the Project Management Context

a. Negotiation during the project life cycle

b. Power and politics

c. Negotiating collaboratively

d. Analyzing and negotiating with stakeholders

e. Project constraints during negotiation

f. Negotiation and the project constraints

3. Influencing Styles

a. Diagnosing your own preference for negotiation using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)

b. Observational techniques to read the influencing style of the other party

4. Collaborative Negotiation: The Basic Elements

a. Applying behaviors to build trust

b. Positions vs. interests

c. Clarifying interests in a negotiation

d. Converting positions into interests

e. Developing mutually satisfying options to achieve desired interests

f. Establishing criteria acceptable to both parties to evaluate and select the best option

g. Breakthrough strategies for overcoming obstacles to agreement

h. Preparing to negotiate collaboratively

5. Negotiation Challenges and Complexities

a. Complexity vs. difficulty in negotiations

b. Power in negotiations

c. Negotiating across cultures

d. Recognizing differences

e. Negotiation tips

f. Team negotiations

g. Clarify interests among team members

h. Negotiating up

i. Electronic negotiations

j. Strategies for negotiating in challenging situations



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