Formación a Medida - Communication UP: winning strategies for Succesful Executive Conversations

Communications with executives/Persuade and Influence/Facing difficult conversations

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  • Communications with executives
  • Persuade and Influence
  • Facing difficult conversations



1. The Importance of Awareness


  • Executive communication styles
  • Five types of awareness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • ESI's mindset model
  • Business model canvas


2. What Motivates Executives


  • What motivates executives?
  • What do executives expect?
  • Executive pain points


3. High-Impact Communication Techniques


  • Understand your purpose for communicating
  • A high-impact approach for standard communications
  • A skillset for high-impact communications
  • Tips for high-impact communications
  • Difficult communications
  • Dealing with tough tactics


4. Executive Stature and Leadership Presence


  • Sources of power
  • Executive stature and demeanor
  • Collaborating with executives
  • Persuasion and influence
  • Recognizing and countering manipulative techniques
  • Stature and leadership presence


5. Building Relationships and Communicating Through Trust


  • Delivering as promised
  • Trust migration
  • The trust-building process
  • Special challenges to build executive trust
  • Controlling risk to build trust
  • Focus on risk opportunities-not just threats





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